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Cui Duo

In more than 30 years of painting practice, Cui Duo has been adhering to his curiosity and reverence for the natural world. As a Chinese artist who has lived in Africa for many years, his exposure to two cultural sources is evident. In Cui Duo's recent works, he tries to create a mysterious and new world. Many paintings' images are familiar but somewhat different from what people already know. Cui Duo believes that artistic thinking does not need a frame. He seeks a balance between logic and contingency and establishes his language system in interpreting and reconstructing nature.

《楚天轩昂-3》 曲健  120-100cm 黑龙江第八届漆画展    金奖(最高奖).jpg

Petrification and Mutation

Mixed Media Installation 

A Wise Man

Oil Painting and Acrylic Paint on Canvas

30 x 40 cm

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