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Niu Yuhe

Combining contemporary themes with Western techniques and building his unique style, Niu Yuhe's creations sometimes take traditional Chinese landscape paintings as models. He tried to use Chinese artistic conception in appropriation and dislocation. He also starts from everyday things, intertwining childlikeness and poetry, ordinary and youthful, presenting a comfortable and elegant humanistic narrative.

《楚天轩昂-3》 曲健  120-100cm 黑龙江第八届漆画展    金奖(最高奖).jpg

Child's game-Frog No.1

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas,

120 x 80 cm

《戏蛙图NO.1》120cm×80cm 布面油彩、丙烯 2013年 牛玉河.jpg

Short poem ·To you No.8

Acrylic on Canvas,

80 x 60 cm

《折枝·与你有关8号》80cm×60cm 布面丙烯 2019年 牛玉河.JPG
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