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Qu Jian

For many years, Qu Jian has insisted on using lacquer for his creative practice. Compared with other types of painting, the creation cycle of lacquer painting is much longer, and the steps are more complicated. Qu Jian believes lacquer painting is a cultural heritage and loves its unique temperament. Not content with blindly following tradition, he did impressive experiments with lacquer combined with other materials. Mythical beasts and various animals in traditional Chinese culture often appear in his works. He interprets Chinese culture from his contemporary perspective, bringing new collisions between conventional images and contemporary art. He also has a strong interest in landscape painting, and his works' magnificent scene is a total ode to nature.

《楚天轩昂-3》 曲健  120-100cm 黑龙江第八届漆画展    金奖(最高奖).jpg

Distinguished Heaven III

Lacquer on board,

47.24 x 39.37inches (120 x 100 cm)

《楚天轩昂-3》 曲健  120-100cm 黑龙江第八届漆画展    金奖(最高奖).jpg

Distinguished Heaven I

Lacquer on board,

55.12 x 41.34inches (140 x 105 cm)

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