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Wang Jianxiao

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Jianxiao Wang was born in Suzhou, China. After studying arts in China, Japan and the USA, she currently lives in Hong Kong and continues to paint, after forty years of doing so. Jianxiao’s creative style wanders between figurative and abstract, and her areas of expertise are using subtle color and texture effects, and combining mixed media techniques. Jianxiao takes inspiration from ancient Chinese poetry and art, as well as Asian oriental culture. All Jianxiao’s works are painted with a palette knife.

Having resided in North America for a significant period of time, contemporary trends have unknowingly been integrated into her forms of expression, and artistic language.


Jianxiao’s works have been showcased in international art exhibitions in China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, etc. and have been snapped up by many collectors.

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《楚天轩昂-3》 曲健  120-100cm 黑龙江第八届漆画展    金奖(最高奖).jpg

Color Circle No.1

Oil on canvas

68 x 70 cm

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So Easy

Oil on canvas

70 x 70 cm

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